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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing?  Yes.  Financing is offered on the value of the property via Lease with Option to Purchase.  Please note that the cash price is less than the Lease/Option price. You would actually save money by securing private financing from your bank and buying my land at the cash price.   What is Escrow?  The holding of funds, documents, securities, or other property by an impartial third party for the other two participants in a business transaction. When the transaction is completed, the escrow agent releases the entrusted property.  Normal Escrow takes 30 days to complete.
What is a Lease with Option to Purchase (Lease/Option)?  You lease the property and buy the land for $1.00 at the end of the lease term.  Lease terms are generally 7 years.  Lease/Option terms.   What is Title Insurance?  An insurance policy that protects a buyer against errors or omissions or defects in the title of the property. It is issued during the Escrow process.
How do I look at the property?  Please visit the Description for the property and click on the Map.  This link will open a new page that shows the location of the property.  Insert your "origin" address for driving directions.   Are you an Agent or Seller?  I am the owner of the property.  I am not an agent.  I do not have a Real Estate License.  I maintain an inventory of affordable land.  I represent only my land for sale.  I do not sell land for other people.
How do I buy a property?  You can either purchase the property directly from me or we can use an Escrow Company to handle the transfer.  The choice is yours.  If you purchase a property directly from me, you only need to pay the $199 for document recording.  If you use an Escrow Company, you will be responsible for your standard portion of Escrow fees.   Do you have any other property for sale?  I only have the property you see on my homepage.  I have no other property for sale.  I do update my listing frequently.  It is best to check back monthly to see what property I have available.
What is a Certificate of Compliance? This is a formal confirmation of the plat lines.  You do not need to apply until it is time to build on the property.  This seems to be a method for the County to collect additional fees from people when they want to build.  Some property I have for sale already has the Certificate on file.  You can call the Department of Regional Planning at (661) 723-4475 and ask them to confirm whether a parcel number (APN) has the Certificate on file or not.  Either way, it is not needed until it is time to build.   Do you buy property?  Yes.  I buy land.  Email me your parcel number and information.
Will you sell my land for me?  No.  I am not a realtor.  I do not list land that I do not own.

How do I apply for a Certificate of Compliance?  Click here for the form. I also recommend that you call the Department of Regional Planning at (661) 723-4475 and ask them about the process.  They change forms frequently.  Click here to go to the Regional Planning Department website.   Can I pay my Property Taxes online?   Yes...

Los Angeles County:  Please visit this link.
Kern County:  Please visit this link.
How much are the charges for Escrow and Title Services?  The cost of the transaction would be based on the purchase price of the property.  The escrow fee is a Base fee of $225.00 plus $2.25 per $1,000.00 of the price.  The title insurance cost varies by company, but they are usually within a few dollars of each other.  The Minimum fee for title insurance is approximately $425.00.  At a sale price of $50,000.00 the fee increases by approximately $20.00 to $25.00 per $10,000.00 of sale price.  The cost for recording the Deed is approximately $25.00.  overnight mailings are required, the cost of that service would be an additional charge.  If wire transferred funds are involved we charge $25.00 per wire, either incoming or outgoing. The transfer document used in this area is a Grant Deed and fee simple title is transferred.  The usual time period for a transaction with both Buyer and Seller being out of the area is 30 days.  Information provided by Titan Escrow of Lancaster (661) 945-8880.


Notice: All property is offered as is, where is, with no representation or warranties of title, encumbrances, or lack thereof, or fitness for any particular use. Prospective buyers are urged to conduct due diligence prior to buying. Buyer should verify all utilities. All sales are final.

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