2.08 acres in Lancaster, California.
Los Angeles County.
Land for sale by owner.

  Los Angeles County Land

 California Land for Sale


CASH PRICE:  $9,900

2.08 acres in  Lancaster, California.
Los Angeles County.
Beautiful parcel with fantastic views.

Palmdale and Lancaster are the fastest growing cities
in the State of California

Offered is 2.08 ACRES of land located in Lancaster, California.
Corner of Avenue K8 and Largo Vista Road (210th Street East).

Street location Corner of Avenue K8 and Largo Vista Road (unpaved)
City, State, Zip Lancaster, CA  93535
Parcel Size 2.08 acres   90,605 sq. ft.
Assessor's Parcel Number 3344-011-038
Legal Description TRACT NO 28508 SE 1/4 OF LOT 26
Water Water at Avenue K. The whole area is LA County Waterworks jurisdiction.  (661) 942-1157.
Power Not at property
Telephone Not at property
Zoning A1 Light Agriculture / Residential     Zoning info.: [CLICK HERE]
Gas Need to add a propane system

Lancaster and Palmdale are the fastest growing cities in the State of California.  Prices have been leaping forward since the expansion started in the 1990's.  This land is only 80 miles from Downtown L.A.

Plenty of room for a weekend outing or afternoon picnic.   This lot is approximately 90,605 sq. ft.  The property is large with plenty of room for expansion.  This land is located in the very desirable County of Los Angeles.

The water is under the jurisdiction of the LA County Waterworks.  Their telephone number is
(661) 942-1157.  You can call them and find out about water and the availability for the parcel.  Just give them the parcel number of 3344-011-038.

You can go shopping in Lancaster, Palmdale or Lake Los Angeles.  The land is located close to all three locations.  Lancaster and Palmdale are very large cities with populations above 300,000 people.  Lake Los Angeles has a population above 11,000 people.  This entire valley is booming with growth.  There are homes located close to the property. There is a great view surrounding the parcel.  You can build here, but you would need to add the necessary utilities.  There are so many possibilities.

The red sunsets are beautiful and the air is clean.  This land is a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest.  The land is easily accessible from Largo Vista Road, which is also 210 Street E.  it is best to access the land from Avenue J and go South.  There are many homes in the area.  There are homes along Avenue K.  This is 1/2 mile from the land.

Title and Escrow services are available.  The fees for Title and Escrow are split in the traditional manner.  Please email me if you have any questions. 

You can save the Title and Escrow fees by purchasing direct from us.  In addition to the the purchase price of this property, there is also a $199.00 fee to record the new deed.  We will only accept a money order or a cashier's check for the purchase. 

Please tell us exactly the spelling for the name(s) and address to be registered on the title with the Los Angeles County Recorder.  If you decide to buy the property without the use of Escrow, please remember to send us a completed Change of Ownership Form with your payment.  We must submit this two page form with the paperwork to transfer the property.

The taxes are current.  Taxes are billed biyearly for April and December of each year.  Buyer will need to reimburse me for any prepaid taxes. 

The County may allow you to subdivide the property.  If you have questions about these options, please call the County Planning Department.  Personally, I would call the Lancaster office first.  There are many ways to use this property.  You could divide it in half and sell off one-half and keep one-half.  The Planning Department can help you with questions concerning subdividing.   Tell them the parcel number is 3344-011-038. 

County of Los Angeles
Department of Regional Planning

Hall of Records  (13th Floor)
320 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Telephone: (213) 974-6411   Fax: (213) 626-0434
Los Angeles County, Department of Regional Planning
Lancaster Field Office

335 E. Avenue K-6
Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 723-4475

Los Angeles County, Building and Safety Department is (661) 723-4400 / 4440.  (for building permits)
Los Angeles County Regional Planning Department is (661) 723-4475.  (for land use and zoning)

Do you have questions about zoning?  Here is a link to the County's page that explains zoning.
This 2.08 acre parcel is zoned A1 Light Agriculture / Residential use.

This is a great investment.  Close to the mountain resorts of Wrightwood, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.  El Mirage OHV State Park is very nearby.  There are numerous other places of interest.   Lancaster is home of the famed Poppy Festival. Bonanza, Twilight Zone and many other movies were filmed in the area.

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There are plenty of places to go
for entertainment and shopping.
Lancaster Wal-Mart. There are
hundreds of stores in the Valley.
Lancaster's World Famous
Poppy Reserve. Visit the Poppy Festival.
2.08 acres in Lancaster Avenue J and Largo Vista Road Home along Largo Vista Road.
Water at Avenue K and
Largo Vista Road.
Avenue J and Largo Vista Road.
Go South from here to the land.
There are homes along
Largo Vista Road.
2.08 acres in Lancaster 2.08 acres in Lancaster 2.08 acres in Lancaster
This is the land. This is the corner of
Avenue K8 and Largo Vista Road.
Avenue K8 on the left. The land
 is on the right side of this picture.
Looking North into the land from Ave. K8.
See the homes in the background?
2.08 acres in Lancaster 2.08 acres in Lancaster 2.08 acres in Lancaster
Looking into the land from
Largo Vista Rd.
There are homes nearby.
Looking North into the land from the
corner of Avenue K8 and
Largo Vista Road.
Looking West down Avenue K8.
The land is on the right side.
  Wilsona Elementary School
Lake Los Angeles, CA
Local Church in Lake Los Angeles
Restaurants and local businesses. Intersection in Lake LA. Local businesses in Lake LA.
One of two gas stations in Lake LA. Great burgers here. Local businesses in Lake LA.
Lake Los Angeles. Chavez Vineyards in Lake LA. Chavez Vineyards in Lake LA.
Vista San Gabriel Elementary School. Playtime at school. Lake LA Auto parts and Hardware
Band practicing for Lake Los Angeles
Middle School
Lake Los Angeles Middle School Lake Los Angeles Middle School
Lake Los Angeles Library Public Library Local Market in Lake Los Angeles
LACountyLand.com  [CLICK] to enlarge. LACountyLand.com  [CLICK] to enlarge. LACountyLand.com  [CLICK] to enlarge.
14 Freeway in Lancaster, CA. Home Depot and Big K-Mart
in Lancaster.
Lancaster Marketplace has
many brand name stores.


Here is the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor's Map
MEDIUM or LARGE view of Platt Map.   

LA County Information.






WEATHER in 93535



The sunsets
are beautiful.

Red Star
indicates the location of the property.



Only 91 miles from Downtown L.A.

Click here for directions to the land using MAPQUEST.COM to locate the property at the corner of Avenue K8 and Largo Vista Road.  Largo Vista Road used to be 210th Street E.

Scroll down the link to Mapquest and type in your origin address to get driving directions to the property.

There are homes near the property.

Notice:  This property is offered as is, where is, with no representation or warranties of title, encumbrances, or lack thereof, or fitness for any particular use.  Prospective buyers are urged to conduct due diligence prior to buying.  All sales are final.

Everything contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  We will only accept a money order or a bank issued cashier's check for the purchase. Financing is available through a Lease with Option to Purchase.  Please email me if you have any questions.   Thank you for your interest in this great investment opportunity.  This home site would make a great gift for the holiday season.  Good luck.

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