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Maybe you do not have the entire balance of money needed to purchase a piece of land.  We do offer a Lease with Option to Buy.  This lease option requires an initial payment as indicated.  All lease terms are for up to a 7 year period.  This is a land lease, not a purchase agreement.  At the end of the lease, you have the option to buy the land for $1.00.

Payment is due by the first of each month. 
Please send your payment on time. There is a $150 late fee for payments received after the 7th of each month.

If your monthly payment is 30 days overdue, the lease is "in default" and terminated.  No monies will be returned or refunded for ANY reason.  The land can then be resold without recourse.  You will receive no money from the resale of the property.  It is important to pay your lease amount each month.  You will not own the land until the end of the lease term or final payment is made.

If you decide that you want to take possession of the property sooner than the lease term expires, you will receive a 10% discount on the remaining balance of the lease amount.  There are no discounts applied for leases that expire within 12 months.  Essentially, you have the option to terminate the lease early by paying the amount due.

Your responsibilities include:

· Paying the property taxes during the lease term.
· Maintaining a general liability insurance policy on the land in case of injury. I am to be added as an "additional insured."  You assume all liability for the land.
· Using the land for legal purposes. The lease is immediately terminated upon any illegal use of the property.
· You cannot build a structure or make any permanent enhancements to the property without my permission.
· The property shall not be used for storage or dumping. You shall keep the property clean and free of debris.
· You shall not use the land for any commercial purposes without my permission.
· You cannot sublease or rent the property.
· All State and County laws and codes must be obeyed.

At the end of the lease term, you have two options for completing the transfer:

1.  I can transfer the land to your name via deed.  Currently, this will cost you $199.99 for the transfer fee.  This may rise after 7 years.

2.  You pay for Title Insurance and Escrow Service for the property transfer.  Currently, the cost is about $1,100 for the entire process.  That price does include the Title Insurance.

At the end of the lease term, you can decide which method you prefer.

Please email me if you have any additional questions.